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Tue, 3. 10. 2023, 19.00 hrs


Venue: Zlín Congress Centre  |  Organizer: Filharmonie Bohuslava Martinů, o.p.s.  | 


CHEOL KIM artistic and choral director

WOOHYUN KANG and MIREU LEE instrumentals



Jung Mu Oh, haegeum a nagak

Jiwoong Jung, daegeum a ocean drum

Jongsuk Bak, janggu a modeum buk


Matej Veselka, klarinet


Gregorio ALLEGRI: Miserere mei, Deus

sólo: Youngji Kim, Bokyung Kim, Jieun Lee, Seung Marn Lee, Changbeom Lee


Josef Gabriel RHEINBERGER: Bleib bei uns


Ēriks EŠENVALDS: O Salutaris Hostia

sólo: Subin Cho, Bokyung Kim         


Bo HOLTEN: First Snow     


Bengt OLLÉN: Trilo

sólo: Kyungeun Kim


Lorenz MAIERHOFER: Musica aeterna

sólo: Youngji Kim     


Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD Mein Sehnen, mein Wähnen, z opery Mrtvé město


Arrigo BOITO: Ah, Su! Riddiamo, Riddiamo, z opery Mefistofeles




Jungyeon CHOI: Barami Omyeon

sólo: Eunyeong Roh


Kyungsuk CHEON: Gashiri

sólo: Bokyung Kim


Kyungsuk CHEON: Baetnorae (Barcarole)


In early October we welcome to Zlín an outstanding group of singers from the South Korean city of Jeonju. The choir, formed back in 1966, presents a varied and fascinating programme of both European and South Korean choral music, including a Czech connection in the form of an arrangement of an original aria by the Brno-born composer Erich Korngold. But our Jeonju Civic Chorale’s presentation is by no means a singing-only affair, because it features musical accompaniment with authentic South Korean instruments, plus a display of their traditional costume. 

The Jeonju Civic Chorale have been performing together for more than half a century during which time they have made a name for themselves as top-class and exceptionally gifted performers whose reputation extends well beyond the continent of Asia, with great public and critical acclaim under their choral director Cheol Kim more than ten years now and a whole series of awards to their credit. So tonight’s unique programme of music has all the makings of an artistic and visual spectacle you won’t want to miss!

Zlín Congress Centre

  • Ulice: nám. T. G. Masaryka 5556
  • Město: Zlín
  • PSČ: 760 01
  • Stát: Česká republika

Filharmonie Bohuslava Martinů, o.p.s.

  • Město: Zlín
  • PSČ: 760 01
  • Stát: Česká republika