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Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonics


1946    30th April 1946 the Symphony Orchestra of Baťa National Enterprise was formed as a part of the shoemaking company
             Baťa. It had only 34 permanent members in those days. 

1955    Commencement of an activity in the newly adapted premises of the House of Arts (originally the Monument to Tomáš

1959    The very first foreign tour of the Philharmonic Orchestra (Hungary).

1972    The first year of the international music festival Talentinum took place and is held as a Biennale ever since.

1988    The Philharmonic Orchestra adopted its current name of the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonics.

1995    The FBM performed its first transocean tour in USA (Carnegie Hall).

1999    The FBM arranged the first year of the international festival of sacred music Harmonia Moraviae.

2011    The FBM has changed its headquarters and moved to the new premises of the Zlín Congress Center.

2016    The Philharmonic Orchestra performed a concert tour of India.

2017    This year tour of South Korea took place.

2018    The Philharmonic Orchestra repeated its successful tour of India.

2018    Tomáš Brauner, Chief Conductor, took up the post of Chief Conductor.

2021    Robert Kružík, Chief Conductor, took up the post of Chief Conductor.